George Bush Senior is a long-standing client, we were happy to see him again
George Bush Senior
In Presidential style!
Bill Clinton
John Howard is a regular returnee to our store, we were happy to see him again!
John Howard
Got ready to take the public stage with Manu
Jeb Bush
A Royal Suit from Manu
Prince Edward
Meghan Markle suited up with Roshan
Meghan Markle
We think that at Sam's, Spacey Suits
Kevin Spacey
The World Bank President measured up with us
Jim Yong Kim
Kate Mosse showed her elegance
Kate Mosse
John Boehner had some measurements taken with Manu
John Boehner
Superstar Weaver meets the Tailor of Hong Kong
Sigourney Weaver
Manu measures up this giant of Opera!
Andrea Bocelli
The giant of Rugby League measured up with Roshan
Jonah Lomuh
The debonaire star and traveller could not miss a visit to Sam's
Richard E Grant
Tony Hadley looked dapper and ready to croon at Sam's
Tony Hadley
The snooker superstar took a shot at a Sam's suit
Stephen Hendry
Michael Balzary and Josh Klinghoffer from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers came in
Double Chilli
The great financial architect followed suit at Sam's
Henry Paulson
Maria Ivakova called in at Sam's
Maria Ivakova
The star of Grease! styling it with Manu
Olivia Newton John
The singer takes a star turn
Bruno Mars
Mayor of London
Boris Johnson
The Film and TV actor came in to find out about a Suit's Anatomy
Kevin McKidd


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In Hong Kong, the reputed home of the 24-hour suit, a visit to Sam's is a tourist must, for VIP's and vacationers alike. Hong Kong's legendary Sam's Tailor is famous world-wide for its unquestioned reputation for quality and discretion - and a clientele seemingly culled from the pages of the International Who's Who.

Few of Hong Kong's annual nine million tourists and business visitors have not heard of Sam's. Many make a beeline for its Burlington Arcade premises on Kowloon's Nathan Road (the "Golden Mile" of tat-to-terrific bargains). It's almost as obligatory as a visit one to The Peak or Aberdeen's Jumbo floating restaurant. Sam's is as much an institution in Hong Kong as Macy's in New York or Harrods in London. Its location in one of the smaller territories on earth is no bar to the patronage of kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers and widely assorted glitterati.






Sam's tailor
Ground Floor K&L
Burlington Arcade
90-94C Nathan Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

We are open 
Monday to Saturday 
9.40 AM to 7.00 PM 
and Sunday 
10 am to 12 pm

Tel (852) 2367-9423 
Fax (852) 2311-8147 

The trade marks Sam's Tailor,
Sam's, M.Sam, R.Sam,
山美裁缝, 山美裁縫 and
The Green Shirt Bag
are registered trade marks of
Sam's Tailor in Hong Kong
and elsewhere
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