Adrian Anthony Gill is a British writer employed by The Sunday Times and Vanity Fair magazine as a restaurant reviewer and television critic. He is known for his ascerbic wit and sharp powers of observation.
AA Gill
Famous Python stopped in at Sam's when going around the world in 80 days.
Michael Palin
Richard Quest is an English Journalist, who is an Anchor on CNN international.
Richard Quest
Justin Rose won the Hong Kong Golf open in 2015, and Manu measured him up for his stay in this city of champions.
Justin Rose
Ami James found his way into being a tattoo artist when he went in to get his first tattoo. The artist took a break, so he started working on himself.
Ami James
Barry Humphries is an internationally renowned Australian impressionist, best known for his character Dame Edna Everage
Barry Humphries
Best known for his role in award-winning US TV series 24, as President Charles Logan, he is a versatile actor, also appearing in hit series such as Star Trek, The Mentalist, as well as in films such as Airplane! and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Gregory Itzen
Imagine Dragons are a Vegas-based band with a great sense of showmanship. On a worldwide tour, promoting their new album, Smoke and Mirrors, they stopped into Sam’s for some glittering stage-wear.
Imagine Dragons
Golfer Graeme McDowell was the first Irish man to win the US open, in June of 2010, as well as being a Ryder Cup hero.
Graeme McDowell
Cherie Blair was top of her class during her legal education, passing with the highest honours. She is also wife of the former UK Premiere Tony Blair. Alongside her husband, she has risen to and then remained at the top of her profession: Founding a successful Human Rights legal chamber, winning many high profile cases in the national and international courts.
Cherie Blair
Eric Holder is the first African American ever to become the US Attorney General.
Eric Holder
Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist and keyboardist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London (UCL)
Graduating top of his year from Fort Leavenworth, General Petraeus rose through the ranks to lead all of US forces in Afghanistan. In the process he literally rewrote the book for modern warfare: creating textbooks for US Military training on taking the US into its current more flexible modes of engagement.
General Petraeus
Naomi Campbell, Queen of the Supermodels, came in to see Sam. We salute her in her work, and wish her well on her global journey in style.
Naomi Campbell
Matthew Bellamy is the lead guitarist and vocalist for Muse
More than any other band in history, the Beach Boys have come to symbolise California’s love of Surfing. They are one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands of all time.
The Beach Boys
Craig David came into Sam's, becoming slicker than your average. On tour, he took the time to sample Sam's smooth style, ready for the dapper nightlife of Hong Kong and beyond.
Craig David
Tears for Fears are a giant from British 1980s pop, having sold over 30 million albums worldwide.
Tears for Fears
Rod Stewart is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide.
Rod Stewart
Sylvester Stallone is one of Hollywood's giants, with legendary characters like Rocky and Rambo in his filmography
Pimm Fox hosts one of Bloomberg’s premiere business programs, Taking Stock with Pimm Fox. He interviews people from the professional investment world, and also the world of business.
Pimm Fox
Style icon and living legend Dita von Teese has such a strong appreciation for classic style along-side a keen sense of creative innovation.
Dita von Teese
Up and coming British funk band Mamas Gun is also part of a Hong Kong tradition. Lead singer Andy Platts was born in Kowloon Hong Kong, after his father had taken up work with Interpol combatting the Hong Kong triads.The whole band came in to the store, and here we have them with Manu. Keep up the great music, and the tradition of Hong Kong style.
Mama's Gun
Always in the public eye, Palin is an icon for powerful women's wear.
Sarah Palin
Darren Clarke, winner of many Golf Opens, is a regular at Sam's
Darren Clarke
Author, comedian and technology commentator Stephen Fry came to Hong Kong for the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, and book-ended his visit with a fitting and then a new suit from Sam's.
Stephen Fry
Joe Bonamasa has gradually built up his career to become one of the world’s most recognised guitarists. In 2010, he was named Billboard’s #1 Blues Artists and was honoured in Guitar Player Magazine’s awards, winning “Best Overall Guitarist” for the first time and “Best Blues Guitarist” for the fourth consecutive year.
Joe Bonamassa
Not only one of the great James Bonds and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Roger Moore also knows how to dress to kill. Whilst saving the world on and off screen, he always has time to pick out a good suit.
Roger Moore
Another great action here, sometime Bond and many other action roles besides, he is one of the most recognisable faces to emerge from Ireland, onto the world stage.
Pierce Brosnan
The greatest legend of Opera was also a much loved regular at Sam's
Luciano Pavarotti
George Bush Senior is a long-standing client, we were happy to see him again
George Bush Senior
In Presidential style!
Bill Clinton
John Howard is a regular returnee to our store, we were happy to see him again!
John Howard
Got ready to take the public stage with Manu
Jeb Bush
A Royal Suit from Manu
Prince Edward
Kate Mosse showed her elegance
Kate Mosse
John Boehner had some measurements taken with Manu
John Boehner
Superstar Weaver meets the Tailor of Hong Kong
Sigourney Weaver
Michael Balzary and Josh Klinghoffer from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers came in
Double Chilli
The great financial architect followed suit at Sam's
Henry Paulson
The rugby star showed fine form with Roshan
Lawrence Dalaglio
Scotland's Former First Minister
Alex Salmond
The star of Grease! styling it with Manu
Olivia Newton John
The singer takes a star turn
Bruno Mars
British Foreign Secretary and Former Mayor of London Making a Fine Entrance at Sam's
Boris Johnson
Mishal Hussain

In Hong Kong, the reputed home of the 24 hour suit, a visit to Sam's is a tourist must, for VIP's and vacationers alike. Hong Kong's legendary Sam's Tailor is famous world-wide for its unquestioned reputation for quality and discretion - and a clientele seemingly culled from the pages of the International Who's Who. Few of Hong Kong's annual nine million tourists and business visitors have not heard of Sam's.

Many make a beeline for its Burlington Arcade premises on Kowloon's Nathan Road (the "Golden Mile" of tat-to-terrific bargains). Sam's is as much an institution in Hong Kong as Macy's in New York or Harrods in London. Its location in one of the smaller territories on earth is no bar to the patronage of kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers and widely assorted glitterati.

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About Sam

Sam is a tradition of fine bespoke tailoring, passed through the generations in a small store in Hong Kong. Right now, Sam is not Sam, but Manu Melwani. Before him his father, who established the business. The small family business in Hong Kong has grown into a global brand, but amongst a very select clientele. Those in the know visit the small unit tucked away in Tsim Tsha Tsui. Doing so they find themselves part of a very unusual club. When it comes to the who’s who of globe trotters, one has to ask not “Who has been to Sam’s?” but rather “Who has not?” When you enter the shop and see the walls, you can tell that a Sam’s suit is a calling card in the corridors of power and fame. The faces of HM Queen Elizabeth the II, Princes Phillip and Charles; Presidents Reagan, Ford, Bush Snr and Clinton; Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Bob Hawke; John McEnroe, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Boris Becker, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, and Richard Gere look on whilst you are fitted for your very own Sam's suit. 

Manu Melwani

Manu Melwani, Hon Phd., Medal of Honour and Justice of the Peace (HK) and recipient of Belgium's Knight of the Order of the Crown, has gradually become somewhat of a celebrity in his own right. Steady Sam, as he is called, has grown the business into a global brand. Recently Manu was overjoyed to see Hong Kong issue a commemorative stamp, which featured Sam’s Tailors, now a part of the Hong Kong landscape.

Roshan Melwani

Roshan Melwani is Manu’s son. He has a business degree from New York University and wants to take the family business forward, with new ideas like the Website, which he has developed extensively, and the Environmental Policy. He is emerging as a style Guru in Hong Kong, ready to take Sam’s forward into the next generation of great tailoring.

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We are located opposite Park Lane Shoppers' Boulevard,

at Kowloon Park.

  • Take the Tsuen Wan (Red Line) route on the MTR and get off at Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • Make your way to Exit B1, go up the stairs and turn right.
  • We are past the HSBC bank building.

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The Green Shirt Bag

You have been sending in pictures of The Green Shirt Bag around the world. It is made from recycled polythene and designed specifically for re-use. This is part of Sam's commitment to Green. We love to see The Bag being put to good use, so do keep sending the pictures in!
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